We delivered systems for Cold Storages, Meat processing systems, Fish processing, as well as systems that are used in the process industry. We deliver such systems for Marine, Off Shore and on shore applications.




Sustainable systems, Natural refrigerants

Whenever possible we advise our clients to use natural refrigerants such as ammonia (NH3) and carbon dioxide (CO2) as the future of synthetic refrigerants is insecure. Limitation of Global Warming Potential (GWP) rates will be adjusted to lower values in the future which means that a refrigerant change of a synthetic refrigerant may be necessary when this happens. 90% Of our systems work with a natural refrigerant which is a guarantee to our customers that their systems will last the next few decades without limitations.

Low energy consumption

Our systems are designed to be operated with the lowest possible energy consumption by installing large evaporators, large condensers and heat exchangers that are sized to good engineering practice.

First class equipment

A refrigeration system consists of many standard components but also of custom built equipment that is designed to meet he requirements of the owner. We only use first class equipment to the latest standards. Custom made equipment is built by ourselves or specialized factories that are long term partners to us for the delivery of such equipment.


We have our own workshop, together with the office in the Netherlands. We design and build our units ourselves. The height of the workshop is 10,5 meters and we have two overhead cranes of 12,5 tons and 1 overhead crane of 5 tons so the maximum lifting capacity is 25 tons.






Our people

Most important of the complete list is the people of our company as we have skilled, dedicated and well trained people that take honor in delivering the best possible solutions and service to our clients. We valuate long term relations with our clients and will act accordingly.

Godfried Steenkamp

Managing director

Gerben van de Werken

Project engineer

Sjoerd Steenkamp


Bas van Dongen

Project manager

Kelly de Bell

Office Manager

Daan Steenkamp

Service engineer

René van Esdonk

Service specialist