Juice carrier with 16 tanks

Our client faced the challenge of efficiently cooling 16 juice storage tanks. Marefsol provided two ammonia-based cooling systems. Each system included a ammonia/pekasol cooler, a compressor unit, a pekasol pump, ammonia/seawater condenser, and a comprehensive piping system linked to 32 air coolers. This solution significantly improved juice refrigeration efficiency, ensuring product quality and environmental sustainability.

Tersan in Turkey

RSW and freezing plant for a fishing vessel for round and pelagic fish

We delivered the RSW and freezing plant for a fishing vessel for round and pelagic fish. The vessel is equipped with vertical and horizontal freezers as well as IQF freezers.
The fish is stowed in the refrigerated cargo holds.


Heiploeg 100.000 m3 Freeze installation

In this huge 100,000 m³ freeze storage facility, we successfully delivered a complete cooling and freezing installation. Our standout achievement was designing and implementing an installation with remarkably low energy consumption. A unique aspect of this project was the placement of the air coolers on top of the roof, rather than inside the 17-meter-high cold rooms. This innovative setup significantly simplifies maintenance and provides far superior accessibility to the air coolers.

PP Group

60.000 m3 Frozen storage in Bremerhaven

We deliver refrigeration systems for frozen storage rooms no matter what the product is. This can be for new frozen storage rooms or existing systems that require complete replacement of the system. We delivered and installed a complete new Ammonia refrigeration system for their 60.000 m3 Frozen storage in Bremerhaven. The energy efficiency of the refrigeration system is valued very high by the PP-group and therefore they have invested in a system that consumes as less as possible energy.

Heiploeg International

Delicate products (Shrimps) require a delicate treatment.

Keeping the right temperature and small temperature differences inside the packed product can increase the shelf time of a product considerably. Our expertise of air circulation systems has proven to be very valuable to design a systems that was able to keep the temperature difference, of their ready Product inside the storage room, below 0,5K at a storage temperature of –1 °C.


4 Reefer vessels

We designed and delivered the cooling (Ammonia / Brine )and air circulation systems for 4 Reefer vessels with a capacity of 300.000 CuFt. The vessels were built in China by GSHI Shipyard in Zhongshan. The project took about 3 years (2016 till 2019) from order till delivery. We employed a local supervisor for two years for project supervision and clear communication between ourselves and our contract partners. We look back at a very valuable cooperation with GSHI and Seatrade.


27.000 m3 juice carrier with 15 tanks

Our client converted a container vessel to a juice carrier and installed 15 tanks with a total volume of 27.000 m3. We delivered the complete cooling system including 3 Large Ammonia / Brine cooling units. The vessel was converted in China by Chengxi Shipyard in a very short period.

Commissioned in 2021
DeSmet Ballestra

Ice condensing system for Peru

For a process refrigeration system in Peru we delivered a CO2 Cascade refrigeration system for Ice condensing. The system consists of 3 units that were designed and produced by us in our facilities. Only some connecting piping will need to be installed on site.