MAREFSOL B.V. has extensive experience with plate freezers.

The freezers have been installed in all continents as well as many fishing vessels that freeze their catch aboard.
Vertical plate freezers are very effective in freezing large quantities of bulk products such as ;

  • Whole fish
  • Meat products
  • Pet food
  • Vegetables / Fruit pulp

Replacement plates for plate freezers

MAREFSOL B.V is specialist when it comes to replacing plates of existing plate freezers. With the knowledge and experience of the problems that users have faced in practice, MAREFSOL B.V. has developed plates which have a higher quality (stronger and therefore longer lifetime) and better heat transfer than most current plates. Furthermore these plates can be easily fitted on all brands of plate freezers.

The plates, which are European made, can be delivered for Ammonia systems, high pressure CO2 systems and brine systems (among other). We can also supply high quality hoses for the connections.

Already thousands of plates have already been replaced without any problems (perfect fit, no leakages, good heat transfer) and with very satisfied customers.

Technical information

Marine and shore based installations
Plate dimensions
1070*530 & 820 x 800 mm
Product data:
Product types
Meat, fish, pet food vegetables, fruit pulp, etc
Block dimensions
530*530*100 mm (Standard)
Nr. of frozen blocks
2 per station with 1 vertical block divider.
Seawater Resistant Aluminium
N° of plates
100 mm Blocks; 10 - 32 stations
75 mm blocks; 10 - 38 stations
60 mm blocks; 10 - 42 stations
50 mm blocks; 10 - 42 stations
Hydraulic cylinders
Stainless Steel
Tube material hydraulic piping
Stainless Steel
Block dividers
Aluminium, PTFE coated
CS, Hot dipped Galvanized
CS, Hot dipped Galvanized
Lining on the forks
Back plate
Stainless steel
Nuts and bolt
Stainless steel
PTFE with stainless steel braiding
Headers and nipples
Stainless steel
Insulated front board, side boards and block dividers
Stainless steel frame and forks Set of spare parts for two years
Refrigeration data:
Ammonia, R22, HFC’s, CO2 and others on request
Evaporating temperatures
From -50 °C and higher
Design Pressure
27,5 Bar (Ammonia, HFC’s and R22)
Hot Gas
Freezing times
Depending of product and refrigeration data
Loading & unloading
Lifting of the blocks
Refrigeration supply
Pump circulation
Refrigeration load
Depending of product and refrigeration data
Design & approval:
All freezers
CE-PED & Type approval of LR
Service & Spare parts:
Parts are kept in stock