We create and supply tailor-made containerized cooling systems. Although containers appear large, their width is quite restricted and they have limited height. Despite these constraints, we ensure to provide a system that is nearly ready for immediate use and easily accessible.

For a Juice carrier, we supplied three 40 ft containers, serving as the central refrigeration machine room for the entire ship’s cargo. The system has a capacity of 2x 650 kW at -25 / +40 Celsius.

These containers include:
– A container that houses the compressor units and Pekasol pumps.
– Another containing seawater-cooled condensers, Pekasol coolers, oil coolers, and economizers.
– The third container houses the electrical panels.

In each tank room, two aircoolers are installed, receiving chilled Pekasol through a piping system coming from the refrigeration machine room containers. This totals 32 aircoolers, ensuring a consistent temperature for the cargo loads.

Because of our experience we were able to build such a compact refrigeration machine room with a large capacity. It is always a great opportunity to challange our skills and bring quality and efficiency to our clients. We are always ready to take a look at different options when the traditional ways are not an option.